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Print Book: What You Should Know About Gum Disease
stop gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease

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Stopping Gum Disease And Saving Teeth...

ISBN 978-0981485508


240 pages

Learn the tricks and secrets that you need to help maintain your dental health.

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This is an important book, that every family should have a copy of. This is for the simple reason that we know by asking dental professionals that approximately 75% of people have gum disease right now!

However, the vast majority of people are just not aware that they have it. Keeping your teeth for a lifetime of good service can save you a LOT of expense, pain, and time.

There is simply no substitute for your own natural teeth. Implants are expensive. Dental gum surgeries are expensive. Insurance doesn't often pay for all of it, only a portion. Sometimes, they don't pay even a portion.

The safest course of action is simply learning how to stop this problem and make your gums healthy again.
The information in this book is valuable in light of this. If multiple people in your family can benefit or save themselves from expensive treatment, then it is just that much MORE valuable.

Here is what professionals have to say about my book:

David Snape saves!!! He may save teeth, money, time, and pain, but most importantly, he may save lives. Now that links have been established between the infection of chronic periodontal disease and many systemic illnesses like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and Low-weight pre-term birth his words are invaluable! Dave's new guide, "WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT GUM DISEASE" is a great layman's handbook about how to care for your teeth and gums.

He has thoroughly researched gum disease and has written an easy to read guide for people to help themselves, yet gives balance to the need for professional care. This book is a must read for people who are afraid to go to the dentist, people in underserved areas or those who just can't afford professional dental services. Dave makes the reader aware of the signs of gum disease and what they can do to help themselves.

This book should be in dentist and doctor's office waiting areas and health clinics for the poor and working poor. He is respectful to the importance of Dentists and Hygienists in their role in helping people achieve good oral and systemic health, but also helps inform the public how to be better patients! Definitely a valuable book to have handy on everyone's bookshelf!

Hillary Yasmer Shemin, RDH, BSDH Marquette University Class of 1974, Holland, PA

Dr. John Corso:

David Snape really gets it. Only you, the individual, can keep yourself from slipping through the many cracks in our well-meaning, but overly generic health care system.
Perhaps not glamorous enough to command constant media coverage, Periodontal Disease, nonetheless has far-reaching health implications for every individual, affecting both quality of life and longevity.
Drawing from his own in-depth experience and knowledge on the subject, Snape enables his reader to go easily beyond the minimal preventive care offered to most Americans. The results will empower his readers to take charge of this vital, yet often-ignored aspect of good health and wellbeing. I only wish I had this book twenty years (and several lost teeth) ago.
John Corso, MD, author of Stupid Reasons People Die
Dr. Ellie Phillips

David speaks for thousands of compliant patients who visit dental professionals regularly. These people follow directions, use recommended products yet never reach the conclusion of their treatment plan. Is oral health beyond control? Is damage caused by insufficient care? David shines a bright light on these concerns.

Read, enjoy and start to question authority!

Ellie Phillips, DDS
Dr Stan Wint:
I love this book. It is a great resource for those interested in improving or achieving periodontal health.
Stan Wint, DDS Periodontist
Dr. Tamerut Adams:
The book IS wonderful, and very informative! It's down to earth, in layperson language, and gives direction where one can begin searching for dental health and improving overall periodontal care.

Dr. Tamerut Adams, D.O. Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Here is what Other People are saying:

Hi David,

I read your literature, took your advice and had the BEST dental checkup today in years! There was some pain during the cleaning but nothing like it had been. I could tolerate the whole process much better. The dental hygienist was very impressed with my home care. My gums weren’t inflamed like they had been. Usually when the hygienist checked the pocket depths, it felt like she was shoving straight pins into my gums. There were just a few areas where I still got that sensation...

...I am personally convinced that they work. I don’t need anymore proof than what I have personally experienced. I really am grateful for your information. I was initially skeptical but am a true believer now. Thank you!


I want to thank you very much for helping me, I know that life is so much better when you have people that can help you cure, God Bless You!

-Marisa - Montreal, Canada

* Please note, that I object to the use of the word cure! I am only reprinting what was written to me by Marisa. Remember, mondern medicine and dentistry believe this problem can only be controlled, not 'cured'. Her use of the term 'cure' may have been in error!

Dear Dave, Thank you very much for your invaluable information about the treatment of gum disease. As I said before, using some of your products has made a huge difference to my gums, my teeth look whiter, gums are pink and less puffy and there has been no more bleeding at all…and of course my breath is fresher even in the morning... ­Mirella, New Zealand

I have been concerned about my teeth (my mom recently spent over $11,000 repairing/replacing hers), but my dentist didn't seem to have any new information. My mom suggested a periodontist, but I felt I didn't know the right questions to ask. What if it's not covered on my insurance, what do I really need to have done? What can I do at home? As I was wondering how to answer these questions, Dave sent me a link to his new e-book. It was exactly what I was looking for... He had answers to all my questions and links and resources for more information. Dave did all the leg work for me. What a great resource and time-saver!

Thanks Dave! ­Laura, Kansas

(Disclaimer - Laura is a personal friend of mine that I have met in person. The other people on this page I have not met in person - with the exception of my own periodontist)


Your work is far beyond excellent. Your book is a stunner. I am so shocked by your aptitude - and the quality of your information. How did you discover all this priceless data? You are an exceptional researcher and a fantastic scientist!

[Special note: Thank You Trish. Just to clarify: I am NOT a scientist, but I am glad that you are benefitting from my work!]

Physical (REAL) Book + Digital

This is a physical book that will be shipped to you. However, upon purchase, there will also be a download link in the receipt emailed to you so that you can starting reading it on your computer right away!

Your receipt will also contain a download book for How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps
as well!

Dentists themselves tell us that about 75% of people have some periodontal (gum disease) right now.

That's 3 out of every four people. It is a safe bet to say that most of them don't realize they have it.

This is truly a silent epidemic.

Links to Other Disease

Today, many researchers are finding links between periodontal disease and a number of other health problems.
This list includes but is not limited to:

-heart disease


-lung infections

-oral cancer

- low birthweight / preterm babies

- diabetes

In the 'old days' people would check the health of an animal before they bought it via its teeth.

If they saw bad teeth, that was a warning sign that this animal was not a 'good buy'.

They inately understood that a sick mouth was often a reflection of a sick body.

Today's researchers are just connecting the dots now.

Our dental health is precious. Isn't it time that you learned everything you possibly can about this disease and what you might be able to do to stop its progress or prevent it in the first place?

Protecting ourselves and our loved ones is essential.

Do not delay a moment longer. Now is the time to get this book. Click the 'add to cart' button at the top of the page to begin your journey right now.

About The Author

* I speak in general terms. If you have a specific question about your unique dental health situation, be sure to ask your doctor for answers to those questions.

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