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AktivOxigen Therabreath

3 AktivOxigen Serums

Single Serum Container

Excellent for Travel due to their tiny size.  They fit conveniently in a purse or pocket or occupy a very tiny part of your luggage space. 

These are concentrated serums containing oxychlor compounds for the purpose of delivering oxygen to foil to the anaerobic bacteria that, when they multiply rapidly, secrete their harmful toxins and acids onto our teeth and gums.

Place 8 drops in the reservoir of the Hydro Floss or add a few drops to any mouthwash to make it more powerful. 

You can also dilute with water to make an oxygenated mouthwash.

While we do not make health claims, I can share an experience that a customer had that was related to me over the telephone.  He stated that he believed the AktivOxigen drops cleared up a certain problem, when nothing else worked.

He stated that his dentist was unable to solve the problem by any other means that was tried.

However, please bear in mind, that we do not make health claims.  Just because this worked for one person, or because one person said it worked for him, does NOT mean it will work for others. 

Each human body is different and reacts differently to different things.  You should always be under the care and direction of a doctor when dealing with any health concerns or suspected concerns.  

The USFDA certainly has not studied or evaluated any statements about this or any other product on this site.
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aktivoxigen serum and therabreath plus toothpaste by therabreath
AktivOxigen Serum + 6 Oxygenated ToothPastes
Our Price: $137.00

4 Aktiv Oxigen Serum Bottles + 6 TheraBreath Plus Toothpaste + Super Soft Toothbrush + Tongue Scraper

Use the AktivOxigen Serum to make your primary oral rinse, or you can add some drops to any of our other Therabreath mouth rinses to make them extra strength.


4 AktivOxigen Serum, 6 TheraBreath
Toothpaste, 1 Tongue Cleaner, 1 Super Soft Toothbrush


Toothpaste: Place a bead of TheraBreath PLUS toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush thoroughly. Be sure to brush all over - the inside of your cheeks, roof of your mouth, and back of your tongue.

AO Serum: For regular use, squeeze about 8 drops of AktivOxigen Serum into the plastic measuring tube. Add water or fruit juice to fill line. Use orange or pineapple juice for best results. For a maximum strength solution, use up to 16 drops. You can also add a few drops to our oral rinse formulas for more strength.

Never ingest undiluted, AktivOxigen Serum! Always dilute with water or fruit juice as directed.

This product does not contain:



Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Benzalkonium Chloride (an allergen)

Made in the USA

Vegan Approved

Whitens Teeth


Approved For Diabetics

Committed to A Green Earth

Aktiv Oxigen is a powerful tool to promote dental health. Your dental health is connected to your overall health as researchers continue to discover an ever increasing number of connections.

This was the wisdom of the past too - Check a horse's mouth before you buy him.

So, what are you waiting for, it is time to get started on the path to better dental health and better breath!
Everyone will thank you, including yourself! Order now.

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AktivOxigen 6 - Pack
Our Price: $106.00

AktivOxigen - Package of 6 AktivOxigen Vials more info
AktivOxigen serum and drops
Aktiv Oxigen - 3 Pak
Our Price: $57.00

AktivOxigen Serum 3 - Pack by Therabreath. Powerful oxygen compound that can make any mouthwash stronger.  The drops can also be used in your Hydro Floss or any other type of oral irrigator. more info
AktivOxigen 12 Tablets and two bottles
AktivOxigen 12-Tablets and 2 Bottles
List Price: $47.00
Our Price: $47.00

12 Tablets and 2 bottles (occasionally 3 bottles) 

Make your own powerful oxygenated mouthwash with these AktivOxigen tablets.  

Mix one of these tablets with 8 ounces of water.  Clean your throat and tonsils before bed.  You can also use your home made rinse in your hydro floss

This item ships free in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. 


Depending on the severity of your problem, place1 or 2 AktivOxigen tablets into the special bottle.  Fill bottle with tap water. 

Close cap tightly and shake for 10 seconds.

AktivOxigen Oxygenating Solution is now ready to use as:

1. A Potent Oxygenating Oral Rinse.  Rinse mouth thoroughly with 2-3 capfuls  of AktivOxigen Oxygenating Solution each time for 90 seconds.  Also dip your dental floss into the solution and then proceed to floss. 

2.  A Powerful Breath & Taste Refershing Gargle.  Use 2-3 capfuls of AktivOxigen Oxygenating Solution and gargle for 90 seconds.  Great for cleansing dry, sticky throats.  For a refreshing taste, AktivOxigen Oxygenating Solution, can be refrigerated.

3. A Part Of Your Daily Oral Hygiene Program.  Use AktivOxigen Oxygenating Solution in conjunction with Therabreath.  Oxygenating Products (Tooth Gel, Breath Spray, PowerDrops, and Chewing Gum) For Superior Oral Health! 

Active Ingredients: Sodium Chlorite & Sodium Bisulfate.

The two bottles are recylcable.   Not tested on animals! 

You can use coupon code toothygrins5  to get 5% off at checkout! 

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AktivOxigen Starter Kit
AktivOxigen Starter Kit
Our Price: $39.00

Aktiv-Oxigen Starter Kit for Elimination of Bad Breath and For the Support of Dental /Oral Health. - Therabreath more info
therabreath aktivoxigen serum
Therabreath AktivOxigen Drops
Our Price: $21.00

Aktiv Oxigen Serum Single Bottle By Therabreath.  Potent oxygenated compound designed to make any mouthwash stronger or to be used in your Hydro Floss or other  Oral Irrigator. more info

3 AktivOxigen Serums

Single Serum Container