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therabreath aktivoxigen serum
Therabreath AktivOxigen Drops
Our Price: $21.00

Aktiv Oxigen Serum Single Bottle By Therabreath.  Potent oxygenated compound designed to make any mouthwash stronger or to be used in your Hydro Floss or other  Oral Irrigator.
AktivOxigen serum and drops
Aktiv Oxigen - 3 Pak
Our Price: $57.00

AktivOxigen Serum 3 - Pack by Therabreath. Powerful oxygen compound that can make any mouthwash stronger.  The drops can also be used in your Hydro Floss or any other type of oral irrigator.
AktivOxigen 6 - Pack
Our Price: $106.00

AktivOxigen - Package of 6 AktivOxigen Vials