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Wooden Train Whistle
Wooden Train Whistle
Our Price: 6.00

Wooden Train Whistle!

Dimensions: 7 in X 1in X 1in

Imagine the fun you can have (or any boy or girl could have) with their own train whistle.

People WILL stop to wonder when they hear that train whistle nearby.

Think of the hours of self perpetuated entertainment any child might take from these fine wooden whistles.

Now you can have yours for just $7. (plus shipping).

Why not get several to give as gifts? Coupon b-free gives you free shipping.

Get your wooden train whistle today and enjoy!

MotivAider - Habit Changer
Our Price: 49.50

The MotivAider is a powerful tool for habit change.

Here is my experience and how I used it.

My bad habit was staring for hours at a computer screen without a break!

I knew I should be looking away from the screen every 10 to 20 minutes.

So, I set my MotivAider up to 'remind' me every 10 minutes.

The nice thing about the MotivAider is that it doesn't use sound.

Instead it uses a vibration. This means you will NOT disturb people around you.

You simply clip the Motivaider to your belt and you will FEEL the buzz at whatever interval you set.

In my case, I got a buzz every ten minutes to remind me to look away from the screen.

After a while of this, I got in the habit of looking away from the screen on a regular basis and I
didn't need to use the MotivAider for that any longer.

Of course, you can use it for all kinds of things.

If you want to remind yourself not to grind your teeth, you can set an alert up for every 30 minutes
or so and you can check to see if you are grinding when you 'get' the buzz.

These things are great! Get one and start changing your bad habits into good ones today!

-David For ToothyGrinsStore.com

Chilmark Civil War Pewter - Artists Frances Barnum and Don Polland
Our Price: 5,000.00

Please call if you are interested in purchasing one or more pieces. 1-888-586-6849

This is a large collection of Civil War Art (Chilmark) by artists Frances Barnum and Don Polland.

There are numerous pieces available, please call for more information.

It may or may not be necessary to buy the entire collection. Individual pieces may be available. Matching number pieces may also be available.

Call 1-888-586-6849 if you are interested.

Please note: We do NOT buy these pieces, we only sell them.